Mechanical and Apparatus Engineering

Mechanical and Apparatus Engineering Both for mechanical and apparatus engineering and for the iron, sheet metal and metalware industry, DE REM offers a complete range of corrosion inhibiting primers as well as the broadest variety of topcoats for colouring and embellishment. The range includes single and dual component air and oven drying smooth, textured and effect paints that can be diluted with solvents or water.

DE REM corrosion and chemical resistant protective coatings are used in plant construction. A broad range of single and dual component primers and topcoats is available both in paints containing solvents and those that can be diluted with water.

For container construction, there is a range of single and dual component corrosion and chemical resistant paints. The product range includes those containing solvents and low-solvent qualities.

stoving enamels
synthetic resin paints
1 and 2 component paints
primers and topcoat paints
wash primers, acid hardening paints
water-based paints