Pigment Preparations

Paste with high pigment content, high qualityby standardized pigment preparations
In the case of pigment preparations, DE REM offers a wide range of products for colouring the broadest variety of materials. Application areas include: colouring epoxy casting slips for industrial floors, the universal colouration of paint systems containing solvents, staining PU masses and sealants on the basis of silicone rubber, colouring paint systems that can be diluted with water, staining soft PVC and PVC masses and related areas.

The performance profile of our DEREM-COLORANT
pigment preparations is characterized by:

  • high compatibility in solvent-based, solvent-free and aqueous binder systems
  • trouble-free cross-linking in a variety of different binders
  • ery good flocculation resistance as well as excellent rub-out values
  • no adverse effect on weather resistance of substrate resin
  • strong liquefying of pigment paste in case of application of low shear forces thus
    guaranteeing trouble-free pumpability
  • good storage stability with low inclination for segragation

The variety of DEREMCOLORANT pigment preparations ranges from low-viscous and pumpable products for metering machines and mixers designed according to volume or weight to compact pastes for batch processing.DEREMCOLORANT pigment preparations are filled in buckets (e.g. from 5 to 30 kg) or in steel or plastic drums (e.g. from 100 to 250 kg), according to customer specification. For further processing at the customer’s, filling of smallest quantities is possible, as well.

The ever increasing number of different colour shade requests for medium to small units increasingly leads to considerably more complex preparatory work by the pigment processing industry. These requests are a challenge for DEREM to offer our customers customized solutions by our DEREM-COLORANT pigment preparations, thus providing considerable cost savings.

According to our company philosophy it is one of our main objectives to produce high quality and standardized pigment preparations, in order to offer these to a large group of users.Our DEREM-COLORANT product line offers the know how of an experienced provider of such pigment pastes for trouble-free and uncomplicated pigmentation of products.

By using our high quality pigment preparations the expenditure in terms of time, hourly rates and workforce can be considerably reduced.

aqua pastes, silicone pastes, epoxy pastes, Polyurethane pastes, universal pastes containing solvents, softener pastes