Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In addition to standard products, we offer forward-looking coating materials and bespoke concepts through to joint industrial development. In the use of our products, the focus is on safety and profitability.

Our presence on the customer’s location, enabling us to face the requirements of the customer’s products with constructive and creative suggestions for solutions, is what makes our service different. The challenge for our team is to find the “conceptual alternative” that leads to the goal set by the customer.


Are you looking for advice, competence, quality protection and beauty?

DE REM paint technology – know-how for the industrial processing of quality products based on raw materials that contain solvents or can be diluted with water. The quality of the products is shown even in the formula, careful production, approval testing and our customers’ acceptance of problem-free processing.

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The best ideas and solutions are created today, through dialogue. That is why we are here.